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Rules and Regulations Notified
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State Advisory Committee, 2012.
Electricity Supply Code Regulation 2011
Miscellaneous Provisions relating to Petitions,Fees,Regulation 2011
Fuel and Power Purchase Price Adjustment Formula Regulation ,2011
State Electricity Grid Code Regulation, 2010
Terms and Condition of Open Access Regulation, 2010
Renewable Purchase Obligation and its compliance Regulation, 2009
Demand Side Management Regulations 2010
Procurement of Energy from Renewable Sources Regulations, 2010
Compliance Audit Regulations, 2010
Conduct of Business Regulation 2004.
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Standard of Performance Regulations-2004.
Regulation for Tariff Procedure
Electricity Supply Code Regulations-2004
Tariff Procedure Regulation -2004.
Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum & Appointment of Ombudsman Regulation, 2005
Grant Of Licensing and Terms and Conditions of Licence Regulations 2005
Terms and Condition of Consultants Regulation 2005.
Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Petitions Fees Regulation2005
Miscellaneous Provision Regulations 2005
Regulation on Co-Generation and Generation of Electricity from Renewable Source of Energy, Regulations 2009
Rules and Regulations (Draft)
Cover of Smart Grid Regulation -2015
Details of Smart Grid Regulations-2015
Notification for Time Extension
Tariff Regulation 2015
Conduct of Business Regulation 2015
Multiyear Renewable Energy Regulation 2015
Renewable Purchase Obligation and its Compliances, 2014 (1st Amendment) Draft
Procurement of Energy from Renewable Sources, 2014 (1st Amendment) Draft
Regulation in respect of Electricity Supply Code  –  2nd Amendment’2014
Back ground note in favour of 1st Amendment of Supply code regulation 2011
Draft Regulation of 1st Amendment of Supply Code Regulation 2011
Regulations for Multi Year Distribution Tariff, 2012
Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission (Delegation of Financial powers ) Regulation, 2010
Method Of Recruitment And Conditions Of Service Of Officers And Staff Of The Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission –Regulation 2009.


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